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    we are vandals | anastasia ivanova by mathieu vladimir alliard for vandals magazine #0

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    Josefien Rodermans in “Pas Pris Un Pli” by Stefan Zschernitz for Stylist Magazine France, May 2014

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    Cora Keegan in “Nord For Afrika” by Jonas Jensen for ELLE Denmark, May 2014

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    Harpers Bazaar Mexico and Latin America @harpersbazaarmx photo by @Hansneumann #whiteStory #fashion

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  9. Any one on Tumbr want to support this fantastic musician to create his next music video?

    Have a read :)

    Winter Wonder is one of the most uplifting songs I’ve ever written - it’s a festive extravaganza of a song! I’m very excited about it and I’m hoping to post a clip towards the end of next week. The crowd funding campaign has been struggling which is a shame, but it is quite ambitious. The truth is that a music video of this scale would normally cost four times as much, so it’s the absolute minimum we can make it for really. This is the benefit of having a big record company behind you, whereas, I’ve spent everything I have on this project to date. Sales of My Favourite Time of Year have been less than 2000 downloads since its first release in 2010 - which proves that most people tend to use Youtube as a Jukebox these days, and sadly it doesn’t support the artists who make the music at all. This is why I need your help and I am very grateful to everyone that’s pledged so far atwww.thewinterwonder.com . I have an instinct for music and visuals, and I really feel that The Winter Wonder will be as special as My Favourite Time of Year, and a great addition to The Florin Street band’s repertoire. The rewards are designed to be as close to the value of the pledge as possible. For example, the CD’s will never be made again, so they’ll be worth more than the £10 pledge when signed, the props are authentic and have antique value, and the original art work is unique. It’s your call - but I can assure you that ‘when’ this project goes big and makes money, I will always give back and do my bit to help others and support charities (I already am). For me it’s about doing something positive and inspiring in the world; life is tough for everyone so we need a break and a smile now and then. I had cancer myself at 26, and the wake-up call drives me to do what I can with my abilities, and I won’t be beaten by record companies turning their backs - so I really do need your help with this, thank you! Leigh :) 

    Check out the site: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/florinstreet/the-winter-wonder-victorian-christmas-video-and-ep

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    Josefien Rodermans in “Westfield” by Ralf Pülmanns for Vogue UK, December 2013

    Stunning make up on this shot